New Jersey Roads - I-195 EB

No one may call it the Howard Highway, but the peculiar bubble-shaped state name shield on a blue sign gets my thumb up. Not both, the other one's still on the steering wheel.

Compare this to the westbound signage in this area. In both directions, the entire content of the Exit 7 signs have been replaced, but while the westbound Exit 6 signage remains button copy and only points to the Turnpike, eastbound signage was replaced to help guide people trying to follow I-95 from New York to Philadelphia prior to the 2018 direct connection in PA (since it runs through both cities, after all). Of course, westbound traffic doesn't need quite as much help, but it would be nice nonetheless to call out I-95 wherever it's on the Turnpike. I'll let the advance sign (next to last photo, courtesy Greg Pniewski) slide because at least it still has button copy.

The first and last two photos are courtesy Greg Pniewski.

The last photo is Jackson Mills Rd. SB at I-195 Exit 22.

Yeah, the last one's not button-copy, but it's the end of I-195 EB, and the exit numbering continues onto NJ 138 for a bit strangely enough.

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Exit 1 to US 206
Exit 5 to US 130
Exit 6 to the NJ Turnpike (I-95)
Exit 7 or 21 to CR 526
Exit 8 to CR 539
Exit 16 to CR 537
Exit 21 to CR 527
Exit 28 to US 9
Exit 36 to the Garden State Parkway
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