New Jersey Roads - Hudson County

Hudson County

16th St. at Palisade Ave., Union City. I swear, signals are just a side fancy, not a growing obsession!

This does not help my cause. The first photo is on Warren St. WB at 1st St. and the others are on 3rd St. NB at Hamilton St., all in Harrison.

Just the sign instead of the signal, Passaic Ave. (CR 699) NB at Midland Ave. in Kearny.

Two 1930's-era (at the latest, I'd say) Hoboken signs. Thank the people in my car who wanted to be in Hoboken on New Year's Eve. If you know Hoboken, you know that by saying I was in a car late at night on a holiday, there was no way I'd find parking. So, this was the highlight of the trip.

32nd St. WB at Avenue E in Bayonne. No turn on red what? When? When not?

While riding on a railroad in the Meadowlands, I spotted other bridges carrying other railroads in the Meadowlands. The first one is the Upper Hack Lift, an NJ Transit bridge in the northwest distance. The smaller one is the DB Drawbridge, crossing the Hackensack River to my north and just past the NJ Turnpike Easterly Alignment.

The famous (among local graffiti artists) Snake Hill provides some better, stiller views of the 1899 DB Draw to the south, just under the Turnpike's "East Hack" bridge, or the Easterly Alignment over the Hackensack River, while being inspected and cleaned.

Looking north from Snake Hill provides other better, stiller views of the 1958 Upper Hack Lift.

Jersey City
Shippen St., Weehawken
Meadowlands Pkwy., Secaucus
CR 659, Central Ave./Fish House Rd.
CR 681, Paterson Plank Rd.
CR 697, Frank E. Rodgers Blvd.
CR 501
CR 505
CR 508
NJ 3
NJ 7
NJ 139
Former NJ 169 (now 440)
Northern NJ 440
NJ 495
US 1-9
US 1-9 Truck
I-78, NJ Turnpike
I-95/NJ Turnpike Easterly Alignment
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