New Jersey Roads - Hudson County

Hudson County

16th St. at Palisade Ave., Union City. I swear, signals are just a side fancy, not a growing obsession!

Two 1930's-era (at the latest, I'd say) Hoboken signs. Thank the people in my car who wanted to be in Hoboken on New Year's Eve. If you know Hoboken, you know that by saying I was in a car late at night on a holiday, there was no way I'd find parking. So, this was the highlight of the trip.

Jersey City street signs, the first set at the Warehouse in East Hanover. (It's a big empty space for parties. Street sign parties.)

Just east of US 1-9 and just north of Tonnele Circle, at the other end of JC.

Keeping the Jersey City theme going with "signs you don't normally see cut out," Colonial Dr. at Briarwood Dr. just north of Bayonne.

This rusted veteran faces a driveway that exits onto County Rd. (CR 653) SB, right as it enters the US 1-9 jughandle in northern Jersey City.

32nd St. WB at Avenue E in Bayonne. No turn on red what? When? When not?

Shippen St., Weehawken
Meadowlands Pkwy., Secaucus
CR 681, Paterson Plank Rd.
CR 697, Frank E. Rodgers Blvd.
CR 501
CR 505
CR 508
NJ 3
NJ 7
NJ 139
Former NJ 169 (now 440)
Northern NJ 440
NJ 495
US 1-9
US 1-9 Truck
I-78, NJ Turnpike
I-95/NJ Turnpike Eastern Spur
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