New Jersey Roads - Gloucester Co.

Gloucester County

CR 621 NB, Almonesson Rd.

SB in Clems Run.

CR 644 EB along Andaloro Way in Westville.

There's a historic site where East Barber Ave. meets South Barber Ave. in Woodbury, but this sign doesn't help identify what it is (and there's no associated webpage). E. Barber continues with CR 663, while S. Barber and CR 649 end to the left. There are other names that could help here.

CR 694, Monroeville Rd., SB until Salem County where it will become CR 666. Sadly, there's nothing interesting about 666, not in the least because the county either doesn't sign it or all of the signs have been stolen. (One quickly leads to the other.) Where did the county get that creek sign font? It takes serious effort to be that wrong.

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