New Jersey Roads - Front St., Elizabeth

Front Street, Elizabeth

South from the east end of Elizabeth Ave., this is the north side of the permanently raised South Front St. Bridge, born in 1922 and retired in 2011, but never repaired or scrapped. The last and closest photo is courtesy HNTB Corporation.

More views from farther north on Front St.

The drawbridge signals, gates, and tender house will never be active again. The left gate appears to have been replaced relatively recently, a waste of money in hindsight.

Looking south from the waterfront park that makes it easy to check out the bridge, I spy the Goethals Bridge behind the Arthur Kill Vertical Lift Railroad Bridge (and some port machinery).

To the southeast, the one wind turbine on Staten Island.

Looking east at the glorious Bayonne Bridge, first from the bridge, then from a better, more northerly vantage point. It's all fun and games until someone raises the deck for shipping underclearance.

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