New Jersey Roads - Newark Airport

Signage from Newark Airport, which is called by many the most confusing signage in the world. I don't think it's nearly as confusing as trying to exit the Meadowlands. This is on the "South Directory," which leads from US 1-9 and NJ 81 north into the airport but is also a way out for the various south side facilities.

A more normal kind of problem, this non-cutout shield was at the end of the EWR ramp to I-78 EB, pointing to the Local lanes, and probably to the frontage road north of I-78 from there.

Brewster Rd. SB ends at South Directory with a very obvious stub. It's hard to imagine where this was intended to go without blowing out the US 1-9/McClellan St. interchange, so that must have been the intent but then NJDOT dropped their half of the plan.

Looking west from there, South Directory merges into a stub roadway whose curb suggests it was supposed to be a through alignment. I would love to see the plans of where all of this was intended to go to the south when it was built in the 1990s. My guess is McClellan St. would have to have become a compact diamond interchange.

Now standing in that South Directory stub, looking north and south.

The photo atop this page is the off-airport style of Port Authority signage, and here we have the oldest extant style on-airport. This was on the inbound roadway from the north, and was definitely ready for replacement by a modern, reflective green sign. If I can decipher this primitive changeable bulb element, I see Alternate Pick Up/Drop Off ("Alternate" is on the top line, completely obscured), Daily/Hourly Lot Full (Daily and Hourly are on top of each other), and FULL (giant letters). This is why VMS were subsequently invented.

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