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A unique approach by Elizabeth to make certain signs more legible.

Bayway Ave. used to be a continuous road, but was chopped into pieces when I-278 was tied into the Goethals Bridge. Seen facing west on the eastern segment of Bayway Ave., this old railroad overpass used to span Bayway Ave.'s grade crossing of the freight line that parallels the NJ Turnpike. If you draw a straight line through the I-95/I-278 interchange, it lines up with the rest of Bayway Ave. to the west on NJ 439.

Speaking of the freight line that parallels the Turnpike, here's Jersey St. heading northwest through Elizabethport from 3rd St., coming under the freight line that was grade separated (here) in 1937 and then the Turnpike beyond it, the two forming a long, dark tunnel. The line was only separated through the Elizabethport neighborhood; there still is a grade crossing of what at least now is a private oil refinery road to the south.

Speaking of Elizabethport, these photos travel east along Elizabeth Ave. to the northeast end of the permanently raised South Front St. Bridge, born in 1923 and retired in 2011, but never repaired or scrapped. The last and closest photo is courtesy HNTB Corporation.

Looking south from the waterfront park that makes it easy to check out the bridge, I spy the Goethals Bridge behind the Arthur Kill Vertical Lift Railroad Bridge (and some port machinery).

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