New Jersey Roads - Elizabeth Ave., Elizabeth

Elizabeth Avenue, Elizabeth

East from US 1-9 to classic signals at 2nd Ave.

Continuing east to the dark chasm of the NJ Turnpike and the Elizabethport Railway Grade. Although the road was built along an existing freight rail corridor, the bulk of 14 elevated lanes (plus four sets of shoulders) and the New Deal-era rail line next to it results in a complete dichotomy of life on either side. Let's now imagine what a tunnel would cost.

I approached this statue at 1st Ave. eastbound and found that was not his best side. Mayor W.A.M. Mack is supposed to help guide traffic leaving eastern Elizabethport between which corridor to choose; 1st Ave. is less commercialized and they meet again in Union Square.

A couple of positively ancient signals are doing their best to blend in. Look, they've even got LEDs! The first is facing EB on the east side of the 3rd St. intersection (right there with 1st Ave. and Erie St.) and the second is facing SB on the south side.

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