New Jersey Roads - Bergen CR S-91/Passaic CR 692

Skyline Drive: Bergen CR S-91, Passaic CR 692

Starting near the south end of the transalpine route, SB where CR S-91 turns left on W. Oakland Ave. to get to parent CR 91 (US 202 in popular parlance).

Skyline Drive SB. Ramps are lettered by interchange and branch from the parent route when it's not clear which route is the dominant one (such as US 46/NJ 23/I-80). When there's no route number, this is what you get, though normally the ramp sign is posted after you're on it.

Decimal mile 0.6 for Skyline Dr. NB, which is exceedingly uncommon in having any mileposting on a Bergen County-maintained road. This was originally designated as part of NJSHR 3 until that was truncated to Paterson, and then became part of S-4-B until that was proposed on a separate alignment. In 1953, S-4-B became NJ 208 and its unbuilt extension, but because Skyline Drive was not completed over the ridge until the 1960s, it never officially became part of any state highway.

It's gonna be a slow hike up to Van Slyke Castle, but that doesn't require a sign. The roads in this reservation were not gated until more recently than this sign was designed, which is given away by the patina and not-quite-standard font.

See, roads. Mostly former, but I didn't say abandoned, I said gated. So yes, some people live in a state forest under the ruins of an abandoned castle on the remnants of a former road. Yes, that's pretty awesome. I have this pegged as Foxcroft Rd. in Passaic County; only the trailhead is in Bergen Co. There appears to be metal rebar across the driveway, perhaps some sort of depressed curb or something that once held back gravel or pavement on one side or the other, before it all became a collection of rocks.

I believe this to be Rye Cliff Rd. just inside the gated area of the park. So now that we're back to the trailhead, prepare for an abundance of old signage in northern Passaic County. By old, I mean pre-World War II. Read on...

1930s-era SB guide sign and an only moderately newer Port Authority sign at Erskine Rd. a block in from CR 511, likely dating from the construction of this part of Skyline Drive. The road wasn't completed across the ridge until the 1960s, which is probably when the GWB sign came in. Notice that the cut-corner sign only references Erskine, with no destination for Skyline Drive, an indicator of the road's incompleteness.

NB signs at the end of CR 692, which splits into a Y, and each end of the Y has its own LWS! The rusted triangle was once a campground sign.

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