New Jersey Roads - Bergen CR 80/87/6

, CR 87,

CR 6 overlaps most of CR 80, so there are more CR 6 shields than 80 shields. Luckily for this page, there are enough of both to go around.

Wyckoff Ave. SB, officially CR 87 and overlaid by CR 6 WB, at CR 86 on Forest Rd./Pulis Ave. I'm sure no one uses these numbers outside of my website.

CR 87 WB (Lake Ave.) leaves CR 80 (Godwin Ave.) and takes CR 6 away. CR 80 can finally breathe free again, except it ends within sight distance of this intersection at CR 84 (coming up Goffle Rd. and turning onto Godwin).

CR 87 EB at the same spot, as it ends.

Lake Ave. EB over Goffle Brook (first two photos) and WB (last photo), CR 87/6 just west of CR 80.

EB at the northern end of CR 79.

Heading west from S. Broad St. to Wilsey Square, an overdesigned (partly divided-highway) loop connecting Franklin Ave. to Godwin Ave. across the NJ Transit Main/Bergen Line.

The CR 6 shield atop this page faces west from CR 507, Maple Ave., in Ridgewood along Franklin Ave. CR 80/6 jogs a block through downtown Ridgewood to get down to Ridgewood Ave. It very well could have originally followed Ridgewood Ave. straight across the tracks to Franklin Ave. but there's a train station in the way, so any such routing would be many decades old. At least we know the route numbers go back to the 1930's, so it's a thought. Because of that jog, these shields are on CR 507 SB and NB as well as CR 80/6 EB and WB, respectively. The SB/EB shield is a 6 patched over something, quite possibly an 80, meaning that it could predate the "overlay" system of low-numbered county routes in the 1960's.

WB and EB, respectively.

Suddenly, CR 80 is free again, but this is the second segment of 80. There's a strange gap in Oradell from CR 505 to the Haworth town line that is not county maintained. Mind you, half of Oradell Ave. in Oradell does carry the CR 80 designation, so it's not like the entire town is skipped. I guess that CR 6 ends at 505, though, because all i saw here was 80 shields, and plenty of them. Here this eastern CR 80 turns left and right from Sunset Ave. to Haworth Ave., EB. The header photo arrives just after these.

Hardenburgh Ave. EB.

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