New Jersey Roads - Bergen CR 71

The photo above is northbound on Van Emburgh Ave. The remainder of the photos were taken after that turns into Werimus Ave., or Wierimus Ave. Or, as some signs may have it, Wearimus. You decide.

SB and NB at the northern end of CR 112, which is where CR 71 picks up Werimus Ave. from 112. I've picked my favorite spelling, have you?

It's very pretty up in Woodcliff Lake, but I probably missed an old shield in that second photo. Both northbound; the first one is where Werimus crosses the Garden State Parkway.

NB at one of the many Saddle River Roads (there are Uppers and Lowers and Wests and I get tired of trying to figure out why Bergen County as a whole can't come up with more imaginative names like Werimus and Schraalenburgh).

SB on Werimus, and looking west from the north end of CR 71 onto Glen Ave. One more photo and I'd have a 92/S-94 page (they turn into each other for no good reason, but that's Bergen County for you, land of one-block dead-end county routes).

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