New Jersey Roads - Hudson CR 681

Hudson CR 681, Paterson Plank Rd.

Looking west on Maple St. across from the NJ 3 WB ramps in western Secaucus.

The old WB signs approaching NJ 3 are wonderful, but the new one is badly subpar. While NJDOT replaces the "3" shield with something more like the first one, they can move "WEST" onto the sign (in the right font).

Here's how the EB side cobbles a sign together. I'd love to know where they found this banner - was it once on top of a square county shield? Did Hudson County even sign its county routes?

WB at CR 653 nearer the eastern NJ 3 junction. This part of Paterson Plank Rd. is original NJ 3 through Secaucus, which split west of here to use the new bridge (now 3 EB) while Paterson Plank Rd. went north to the old bridge (now gone). Original NJSHR 3 followed what is now NJ 120, which then rejoins Paterson Plank Rd. on the far side, while what's now 3 was built as NJSHR S-3 (a Spur route). In or around 1953, old 3 in Secaucus became NJ 153, but that number was pulled back from Paterson Plank Rd. to only the part built by the state in 1934.

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