New Jersey Roads - Hudson CR 659

Hudson CR 659, Central Ave./Fish House Rd.

Central Ave. NB under the Pulaski Skyway and its South Kearny exit. The exit ramp, supported on its own girders before being subsumed into the Skyway structure, comes out to Adams St., which is basically nowhere, and is directed to turn left a couple of times to come back to Central Ave. at 2nd St.

SB in the same spot.

Farther afield Skyway views on Fish House Rd. (quite the name) SB through the fields of Kearny's Meadowlands. You can make out US 1-9 Truck behind it in the distance as both roads cross the Hackensack River.

Next bridge north is the 1900 PATH (Pennsylvania RR) Lift Bridge. We'll get to the ones behind it in a moment.

But first, let's head south under PATH to the mysterious transmission tower in the median of CR 659. Why is it in the median? Why couldn't whichever came later route itself around whichever was first? It took until the 2020s to remedy this by finally rerouting (and widening for that matter) CR 659 to one side.

Finally, here are the other bridges, both dating to 1930 and of very similar design. NJ 7 crosses the Wittpenn Bridge on the left (looking east) and the Harsimus Branch railroad is on the right. The railroad will remain on the draw span after the new Wittpenn Bridge opens in 2021.

I mentioned a new bridge, and here's a Fish House Rd. view of the new bridge supports taking shape. The NJ 7 WB trumpet crosses under 7 so there are no good aerial views from this road.

In closing, the last signs on CR 659 NB and the first one SB (from NJ 7 WB). The interchange is actually an internal trumpet - the ramp to 7 EB curls around inside the eastbound lanes, with a left merge, while Fish House SB leaves from the left side of 7 EB. This is also getting corrected in the rebuild, so that's two unique features of CR 659 gone.

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