New Jersey Roads - Union CR 651

Union CR 651

Double red lights are more common, to make you notice you should stop - maybe drivers on Morris Ave. NB in Summit have a hard time getting going sometimes?

CR 651 switches to Chatham Rd., here SB at River Rd./CR 649.

The Passaic River forms the Morris/Union County boundary at the north end of CR 651. Ahead, Summit Ave. is just a town road. You can see the bridge plaque is for Union County in 1916.

Heading south from Chatham (Summit Ave.) to Summit (Chatham Rd.). See what they did there?

Wait a minute, what's all this? Yeah, the bridge is evenly divided between counties, so they must have both paid half and therefore each gotten a plaque. At least they used the same contractor. That could have been problematic.

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