New Jersey Roads - Morris CR 630

Morris CR 630, Littleton Rd.

EB from the beginning of the short route onto a ramp undergoing reconstruction to straighten out the curve from I-80 WB. The new ramp was completely paved for some time before traffic was allowed on it.

In September 2009, crews were busy forming the new overpass for that ramp over CR 630 to ease the merge with I-287. The abutment on the south side was taking shape, while piles were still being driven on the north side to hold back earth.

Littleton Rd. WB at CR 630, taking traffic from US 46 to I-287. Most of 630 is Littleton Rd., but this piece follows the historical routing prior to I-287 coming in and taking charge. The remainder of 630 to Smith Rd. is creatively named Littleton Rd. East.

This guy queued in front of me at CR 511/US 202, the end of CR 630 WB. I don't think he knows what his license plate is really about.

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