New Jersey Roads - Middlesex CR 622 (Former Spur 514/NJ 18)

Former Spur CR 514, original NJ 18

Until the NJ 18 freeway was completed west of NJ 27, including when 18 used what is now NJ 172 to CR 527/672 (George St.), 18 and 27 duplexed across the river to River Rd. and 18 followed what is now CR 622 the entire way to NJ 28. It was never state-maintained, so when NJ 18 was completed across the Raritan River, the remainder of River Rd. from there north at least to I-287 was only signed TEMP 18, and then even that designation died. At that point, Spur CR 514 was born, running the length of River Rd. and Raritan Ave. to NJ 28. The numbering comes from CR 514 being multiplexed with NJ 27 at the southeastern end of the road. Well, in the great decommissioning of the 5xx Alt. and Spur routes, this was one of the casualties, and so here are your CR 622 photos, starting northbound.

Oops, guess Plainfield Ave. isn't a county route after all, better green out that part of the overhead. It's really obvious up close, but you can't tell what number, if any, was applied to that shield. The fire truck exit is by Bound Brook Ave. - there's a small development here that stole nearby town names, the problem being that generally in New Jersey, if you're near a town and a road has the name of that town, you can follow it to get there, especially if you find that road at a traffic signal. I took Plainfield Ave., and guess what, I never made it to Plainfield.

Two of hopefully many state-name shields at the interchange.

Switching directions, SB leaving Lincoln Blvd. at an old long-disconnected railroad overpass in Middlesex, which is not the seat of the eponymous county.

Lincoln Blvd. NB, where CR 622 is about to turn left on Raritan Ave. and leave its CR 607 multiplex.

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