New Jersey Roads - Burlington/Ocean CR 616/old Spur CR 528

Burlington/Ocean ,
former Spur CR 528

Above: On either side of CR 541.

Courtesy Barry Caselli, you would see this attempted signage leaving the Wawa at CR 668 north of Pemberton.

Odd and old EB signs around the fort. The old signal sign is at Juliustown Rd., CR 669. You can't turn right because of Fort Dix and the signal no longer functions, so the rusted out red indication is appropriate.

CR 545 has been closed through Fort Dix for several years. One can either go around the west side on CR 670 (also part of old Spur CR 528) and CR 663, coming back to CR 616, or one can head east and through the fort, as you'll see in the next photo. CR 616 itself is also closed south of the CR 545 intersection.

Eastbound at the Fort Dix cut-through, the signs are pretty new, and they must be since Spur CR 528 hasn't been gone that long, and yet the shields look like 1960's freeway-signage vintage. That's because of the excessive pale yellow around the edges. Why is JCT larger than EAST?

WB at Meany Road, just east of CR 667, and then looking at the signblade itself. This is the only hint of Spur CR 528 on Burlington CR 616. More follows in Ocean County...

See, cross the border, lose all sense of what number road you're on. Both are EB approaching the end of CR 616 at CR 528. The EAST should be above the SPUR, or else there should be a JCT instead of the EAST and an END on top of the SPUR. Now, of course, put that into past tense.

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