New Jersey Roads - Essex CR 609 - N. Extension

Eisenhower Pkwy. (Essex CR 609) northern extension

Copped from a HNTB Corporation file, here's the proposed northern extension of the Parkway. I start right at the end of the solid double line:

The fence, the arrows, and the sudden end of a four-lane divided highway should tell you there's more here than just an office park. A lot of the arrows have disappeared in the last few years, as well as the informative "Road ends" sign, but now you get an oddly inspired U Turns sign. The red circle is a red herring (in other countries, it can still mean "prohibited" even without the slash).

Across the fence, biking north in what would have been the northbound lanes. The right of way of the highway abuts people's backyards in the neighborhood west of Passaic Ave.

Biking south in what would have been the northbound lanes.

The highway was only graded, never paved, but the County of Essex storm drainage was installed underneath the grading so every so often the dirt trail crosses a drainage opening. Here are two such crossings of the NB lanes, and the houses are clearly visible when looking to the east. I wonder if this system is connected to anything, since without a highway there would be little runoff (pavement is impervious but dirt is pervious).

Next to another grate, a piece of a pole lies on its side with the concrete it was encased in. This was probably a signpole, but there's no telling what sort of sign would have gone on it. Speed limit? No parking? Junction CR 506, 1 mile? Guess with me.

When I brought a small group over in 2011, the fence had mysteriously disappeared, offering great views and access north into and south out of the would-be NB lanes. The fence soon reappeared.

Biking south in what would have been the southbound lanes. These are somewhat ruttier and were very muddy in the spring.

Biking north in what would have been the southbound lanes.

One last look back on this ill-fated road to barely anywhere.

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