New Jersey Roads - Essex CR 602

Essex CR 602, Lyons Ave.

WB shields of interest and an original Parkway bridge. The latter two photos are at Cleremont Ave., which is a hard left (or at least moderate), not a bear left as the Parkway arrow suggests.

An example of Essex County directional signage that's still standing after 60+ years, WB at Union Ave. in Irvington. It predates the Garden State Parkway (which dates from the 1950's), meaning those destinations are signed along county roads. The Jersey Shore would have been reached through Union, filtering down to US 1/9 via what was then NJ S-24 (now 82 and 439).

for those destinations, and Somerville is via US 22.

Photos from the Stuyvesant Ave. intersection. This problem wouldn't occur if the county put the directional banners on top where they belong.

After chilling out on my NJ 124 page for awhile, since Lyons Ave. ends at Springfield Ave. (Essex CR 603 east of the Irvington/Maplewood border), I realized my first photo belonged on this page when I saw it a second time. Then I saw that the signs are in different locations on the signal pole. Triple kudos to Essex County for preserving this sign by remounting it on the new signal!

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