New Jersey Roads - Passaic CR 601

Passaic CR 601, Main Ave. (Clifton-Passaic)/Main St. (Paterson)

Heading north in Clifton from NJ 3.

Continuing up to Paulison Ave. in Passaic, with a peek east into Armory Park. The truck restriction is likely for a steep hill right here.

Acquackanonk was the name of what's now Clifton even into the 20th century, which is how this bridge to the east got its name. (Going back to the 17th century, it included a lot more of the surrounding towns and cities, even Paterson.) The native name was removed from both the town and the bridge over the years, and it's now just the Gregory Ave. Bridge. Historical signs like these are about all that's left of the old township, including one at either end of that bridge (click the first link at bottom).

SB at River Drive and Gregory Ave.

Back north in downtown Passaic. The NJ 21 overhead is misleading, because there's a whole short block of River Dr. you can get to before having to come right back to Main St. due to a one-way restriction.

SB at Piaget Ave. and NB over US 46. 46 is in a depressed freeway through the east side of Clifton and has some awesome enamel signs for this bridge, so you'll have to check that out via the link below. Note that the SB shield has "NJSHD" in the corner, for "State Highway Department," so it's old enough to predate NJDOT.

Onto Gregory Ave.
Onto NJ 21
Onto River Dr.
Onto US 46
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