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Spur CR 551

Camden CR 653 NB (9th Ave.) and Spur CR 551 SB (also SB on 653, which jogs over a block from Wyoming Ave.). The first sign is straightforward enough, but the second can get confusing due to aging. The more recent set of directions has CR 653 NB going to Audubon by jogging left on Spur 551, Haddonfield to the right (with a different distance than the other sign for reasons unknown) and Brooklawn to the left on 551. So what's getting in the way? Haddonfield was originally pointing to the left, Runnemede was to the right, and Bellmawr was 2 miles to the left. Clearly, this sign was once posted elsewhere. The only reason the sign would go left-right-left with its arrows is because Haddonfield was right there. So Haddonfield immediately left, Bellmawr 2 miles to the left makes perfect sense, but Runnemede can't possibly be to the right under those circumstances. What gives? Where was this sign before? I'll never know.

The first SB shield is in the ancient square style instead of the modern blue pentagon.

NB at the end of Spur CR 551, with a shield dating to when NJ 41 was still Temporary (in fact, it remained Temporary for many years thereafter). The reason is that Kings Highway continues with NJ 41 as a county-maintained road, and is (was?) overdubbed by CR 573 to prove the point.

Parent CR 551

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