New Jersey Roads - CR 522

CR 522

Six of the first seven photos are courtesy Lou Corsaro.

The beginning of the expressway that leads to CR 522 (aka Promenade Boulevard) at NJ 27 (the truck is on 27 NB for reference), from the Trapt Rock Industries driveway. To follow 522, just go to ROUTE 1 (nice shield there, guys), although Promenade is unofficially 522 as well.

The road leading up to this sign was not yet open (it is now), but Lou saw this sign turning left from CR 522 WB. Ridge Road runs east from here as old CR 522, now CR 681.

The new CR 522 expressway (limited access with traffic lights), shot eastbound between US 1 and US 130 where it's technically Promenade Blvd., as in it's town-maintained but still a county route.

CR 522 WB follows US 130 from Ridge Rd. to Promenade Blvd., but it's in Middlesex County. Where did the Mercer County come from? That's where the shield is posted, possibly the only Mercer 522 shield around.

CR 522 EB blurrily leaves US 130 - yeah, this would be my photo. This sign would have been right pre-Promenade, but it was erected post-Promenade.

CR 522 EB at one half of Docks Corner Road, just west of the New Jersey Turnpike overpass (another piece is just east of it starting at CR 535). 8A refers to the interchange of that number, to the south at NJ 32.

The standalone signage is fine, but the new white sign's county shield should be patched over with a freestanding original.

Back to my photos, WB and EB at CR 615. You tell me which one you like better.

Ah, the famous Monmouth Road skirmish. I don't think Monmouth Road existed back in Revolutionary times. If it did, I bet the CR shields of the era weren't this ugly.

CR 522 EB and WB in Englishtown with CR 527 SB and NB, respectively.

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