New Jersey Roads - CR 512

All photos taken near dusk or when cloudy. It's not my fault, really.

And these were the good ones. Three eastbound photos of shields (luckily, I already had the third one on my Somerset page).

Willow Ave. SB at Main St. in Peapack-Gladstone. This isn't an NJDOT road, so maybe Somerset County doesn't read my website and will leave this sign up. If not, at least can you send it to me? Please? You're my favorite county?

More eastbound duskiness.

I'm just gonna throw out there how cool this WB sign is. You know which one.

EB at the former Spur CR 527.

WB at the other end of the former Spur 527 concurrency, now CR 651.

CR 605 SB, Division Ave., ends at a typical old Morris County guide sign. First two photos are courtesy Greg Pniewski.

More eastbound duskiness.

Turning left from the previous photo. That's not a former 512 shield - that's a former 511 shield! How did it make its way all the way down here from the top of Morris County?

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