New Jersey Roads - Alt. CR 511

Since Alt. CR 511 is its own designated route, the second sign would be incorrect - if this were simply an alternate route to CR 511, the first one would be improper. Actually, Alt. CR 511 isn't even an alternate route to CR 511. It would have to run down US 202 southward to meet CR 511 again, but instead turns northward on 202 to meet NJ 23, where Alt. 511 ends. It should thus be Spur CR 511.

Continuing north. The third photo is just north of NJ 23, helping NB traffic head south instead. For the last photo, Alt. CR 511 has turned east on Hamburg Tpk. and now turns north again.

Southbound signs from Lincoln Park Rd. (CR 635) back to Main St. in Lincoln Park, turning onto Comly Rd. The 633 shield is patched over something with a middle digit of 1, but it's not 511.

The three sides of two signs at Thatcher McGhee's in Pompton Lakes. Some bars may use reproductions, but it's unlikely to find a reproduction with a highway department logo in the arrow.

Ugly shields signal the end of Alt. CR 511 at its parent. CR 511 SB does not in fact multiplex with I-287, but does follow it closely from here at Exit 55 down to Exit 53.

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