New Jersey Roads - CR 510/Old NJ 24/US 202

, old , with US 202 in Morristown
First shield courtesy Scott Colbert.

CR 510 ends at CR 513, and hands old 24 off to the next highway (but not anymore). Follow the link at the bottom of this page to continue your Old NJ 24 journey westward (but first, please read this one!).

WB at and past Roxiticus Road.

All EB; CR 646 is Tempe Wick Rd., and the last sign points to Cherry Lane in Mendham.

Westbound over the same stretch. You won't see the NJ 24 shield or the last CR 525 shield anymore, but you will see the ugly replacements just after them in this run.

Somewhere in the midst of a midnight joyride, I came upon CR 510 (and old NJ 24) from the south, and caught an old LGS with too much flash. MENDHAM and CHESTER to the left, MORRISTOWN to the right.

A few shields just outside Morristown - the last one is EB.

EB and WB at Washington Valley Road.

WB at Cattano Ave. in Morristown.

Around the square (Park Pl.) in downtown Morristown, where a couple of new tiny shields help direct motorists around the central square (which 510 shares with US 202 and once NJ 24 as well). I didn't notice one where 510 EB leaves the square on Morris Ave., so the work isn't done yet.

Lafayette Ave. (CR 510) WB approaching downtown Morristown.

East on CR 510
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