New Jersey Roads - CR 505

The above photo is courtesy Dan Moraseski (SPUI), taken near the George Washington Bridge.

CR 505 isn't signed at all in West New York, where it makes a number of turns on tiny streets to get to CR 501 (JFK Boulevard, whereas this is JFK Boulevard East). This is the color of the old street signage in that town, mostly gone now.

Looking across the Hudson River at the structures carrying the Henry Hudson Parkway, NY 9A.

Port Authority sign, SB at Bruce Reynolds Blvd., which leads to Martha Washington Way and the shortcut into the tollbooths.

NB where CR 505 turns from Hudson Terrace onto Palisade Ave. (at Palisades Interstate Parkway Exit 1), and southbound on CR 505 in the same area.

Fading shields, missing banners, SB.

NB descending a steep hill into Englewood. Trucks are well signed west along NJ 4 to CR 501 into the center of town; each of those pages has a TRUCK 505 shield on it. Of course, as I've ranted, how many trucks are following CR 505?

On the way down the hill just past Jones Rd.

A bunch of old and/or odd signs southbound at CR 501 SB, Dean St. (501 is on a one-way pair).

NB at the Tenafly Rd./Lafayette Ave. circle west of downtown Englewood, then heading down the one-block Bennett Rd. leg. I'm not sure at all how that short street leads or ever led to the Turnpike.

Knickerbocker Rd., which carries CR 505 south from NY 303, past Tryon Rd. in the first photo to its end at Palisades Ave. in the second photo, where CR 505 turns (following the arrow on this old sign) and heads eastward to Hudson Terrace, in the shadow of the Palisades Interstate Parkway.

Southbound around the circle at Madison Ave. in Cresskill and Dumont. The squiggly arrow is cute and a Bergen County exclusive.

More oldish Bergen County signs; the white school sign is town-erected and thus newer than other white signs, but still at least 25 years old.

Closter Rd. takes CR 102 west from CR 505 in Harrington Park.

The same style of signs as in Livingston, and wouldn't you know, here CR 505 is called Livingston St.!

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