New Jersey Roads - CR 503

CR 503

Northbound button copy just north of NJ 120, which is the beginning of CR 503. Signs on NJ 120 NB insinuate that CR 503 is already part of that road, but that's highly doubtful.

Same location opposite direction, on the NJ 120 NB overpass but before NJ 120 SB merges in to finish off CR 503.

The blank signlet atop the I-80 shield really doesn't help you figure out which way leads to I-80 East and which to West. (Contextually, left should be East since I took this driving north before crossing under I-80.)

Original Sears factory/headquarters in Hackensack, apparently still owned and used by Sears.

Old traffic light on Kinderkamack Rd. in River Edge. CR 503 follows Kinderkamack all the way into New York and NY 304.

Old signs at the east end of Midland Ave., CR 74.

All over this Montvale intersection are brand-new square county shields, when everyone's supposed to be using pentagons - and they're ugly, to boot. In Montvale, with the second one courtesy Doug Kerr.

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