New Jersey Roads - CR 502

CR 502

Starting out just inside Bergen County (since Passaic County is boring), these are eastbound and westbound respectively on CR 502 as it multiplexes with Bergen CR 93. Since CR 502 turns more than once, it overlaps several routes, at least two of which (that I found) have these squares.

Nonreflective LGS hidden by a pole, WB at the NJ 208 NB onramp.

CR 502 WB, not NB, along with CR 507 which is NB, a common mistake among county routes.

Hollywood Ave. (CR 502) EB at Saddle River Road, where 502 turns right and CR 75 is to the left. Well, CR 75 is also to the right, as it follows the entirety of Saddle River Road (which turns into Paramus Road and thus a different route at NJ 17).

Very old and rare round-capped signal lenses at Pascack Ave. (CR 63), and a later-addition left-turn signal joins it. In most places, the new lens would be right below the old ones.

Westwood went a bit overboard for Christmas, and decided to leave it all up as late as three weeks later.

The third little route to follow CR 502, this is eastbound entering Closter.

EB and WB at Schraalenburgh Rd., which was the much more spellable Washington Ave. to the south. Internally, CR 39 is CR 17, and is primarily posted as such. As you can tell, Bergen County is a bit confused about its routes.

Closter Dock Rd. WB at High St.

Closing how I began, this is County Rd. SB heading away from CR 502.

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