New Jersey Roads - Bergen CR 41/17

and 17/41, River Rd.

CR 17 is an overlap route that follows CR 41 away from CR 39, then returns to 39 to the north via CR 74/Madison Ave. into Dumont.

NB, CR 17/41 meets CR 12/56. CR 56 signs are nowhere to be found on CR 12, whereas there are CR 41 signs along CR 17 as you see on this page. Except the CR 41 sign I did photograph happens to be located north of where CR 17 turns off on 74...

Greg Pniewski sent me these SB signs turning onto Mt. Vernon St. and then at the end of CR 41 at Teaneck Rd., CR 39. So I guess CR 41 isn't in fact posted along 17.

One more courtesy Greg Pniewski, NB in Bogota.

Obvious error SB and obvious oldness NB in Teaneck. US 4 is in a different state and this road won't make it there.

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