New Jersey Roads - Bergen CR 39/17

and CR 17/39

CR 39 is a chain of roads starting with Teaneck Road in the south and following Washington Avenue into the unspellable Schraalenburgh Road, then turning hard right on Tappan Road straight on into Tappan, NY. CR 17 (an overlap route) starts with CR 39 but then follows CR 41/River Rd. from Ridgefield Park to CR 74/Madison Ave. into Dumont before rejoining CR 39. The photo above is SB at Cedar Lane/CR 60, courtesy Greg Pniewski.

Northbound, a surprisingly beautiful and unsurprisingly now-gone I-95 shield, followed by a surprisingly not-gone I-80 shield of similar age.

Also old, SB at E. Winant Ave., courtesy Greg Pniewski.

Now (still NB) a Parkway shield of slightly newer age, but with no reflectivity. The daytime photo (only slightly more visible) is courtesy Greg Pniewski, as are the next three photos.

The first photo is NB at Mt. Vernon Ave., the beginning of CR 41 where CR 17 drops out for awhile. The other two are SB at Degraw Ave., CR 56/12; the I-80/I-95 pair needs a left arrow.

CR 39 asserts its independence from CR 17, still northbound; click the first photo for a closeup.

CR 49 WB, carrying the overlapping route of CR 10, Liberty Rd. at CR 39.

Washington Ave. SB entering Dumont and Schraalenburg Rd. NB just past CR 502 sporting the previous (and possibly first) generation of 39 shield. As you can tell, Bergen County is best visited during the day.

Northbound at Closter Rd. (still on 39 too), a short cutoff to CR 505 by the Oradell Reservoir.

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