New Jersey Roads - Bergen CR 2

Bergen CR 2

Lake St. WB in Ramsey at CR 507, on the lowest-numbered county route in Bergen. Technically, this is the end of CR S-81 and the beginning of CR 87, but CR 2 is sort of an overlay on those roads. It gets more confusing when they're signed together or signage alternates.

CR 2/96 WB over a small feeder just west of West Branch Saddle River.

Orangeburgh Rd. (CR 99) NB at Blue Hill Rd. (also carrying CR 94) and Blue Hill Rd. SB (CR 2/94 WB), just inside the NY border. The low-numbered overlay routes follow other county routes haphazardly across the county, forming a rough grid that is signed fairly well for Bergen County (which is to say, half the signs have gone missing and are never replaced). Like US and Interstate highways, even-numbered overlays run east-west and odd-numbered ones run north-south. Although unofficial and not recognized by the state, they are often better-posted than the "regular" numbers.

CR 99's first SB shield heading away from CR 2.

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