New Jersey Roads - Former Alt. US 1/US 206, Trenton

Former Alternate US 1 (unofficial Business 1) and

Original US 1, then Alternate US 1, then Business US 1 (by some signage, which may be city-erected or actually may even be from the state), and now technically just Bridge Street, the famous Trenton Makes bridge is supposedly about to be replaced, but it made it through a rehab not too long ago and is still going strong.

Click for a video driving west into Pennsylvania.

WB across the grated-deck bridge, whether or not it's Business US 1 SB. It's not on the route logs as such, so I'm presuming it to be unofficial, but it's reasonably well signed.

Old warning sign on the onramp from former Alt. US 1 to the US 1 freeway. This ramp only allows left turns from Warren St. SB, even though more traffic would want to head north from Bridge St. NB. (They have to turn on Market St. and use a jughandle at the beginning of NJ 33.) Once upon a time this was actually an offramp, but the first NB ramp in New Jersey from US 1 was rejiggered to head south under the railroad tracks.

The last surviving Alt. assembly, on Bridge Street WB. But if Bridge St. is facing west, then this shield is facing south, so not only is this assembly 25-years outdated (and counting), it was an error even before then. Alternate US 1 was officially canned in 1988 along with several other routes being decommissioned or renumbered, and then someone (either city or state) started converting signage to Business. Business US 1 is a legitimate route, running north from the Brunswick Circle until it rejoins US 1 in Lawrence, but most signage would have you follow the illegitimate route through Trenton.

Facing west on Market St. from downtown. US 206 SB turns left to head east a block on Market St. to join the NB route on Broad St., and NJ 33 historically began there (now at the US 1 freeway).

US 206 SB (on Warren St.) at Hanover St.

Some of the Business 1 signage that's up, heading SB past an inappropriately colorful Stop Here sign on the way down US 206. The last photo is just before losing US 206 at Market St.

The Trenton Battle Monument, celebrating George Washington's triumphant crossing of the Delaware and surprise victory over the British.

Continuing north on what's really just US 206, Brunswick Ave. NB at Pine St. and looking west along Mulberry St. There was clearly once a full signal at Pine St., back before the US 1 Trenton Freeway was constructed and when cars had fenders. When you get to Mulberry, just get out of your car and enjoy the ride. You want it, after all.

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