NH/VT Roads - NH-VT 25A


VT 25A only exists to bring NH 25A across the Connecticut River and end it at US 5.

Westbound into Vermont.

Eastbound into New Hampshire. You can also click here for an eastbound video, noting that the New Hampshire welcome sign occurs before the bridge even begins because the border is at the Vermont shoreline.

Looking north and south along the Connecticut River.

The town of Orford has a few original cast-iron embossed signs along NH 10, which is the intersecting road here. This is by far the best example, as it serves a useful purpose (as oppose to "no driving in our cemetery"). It appears to have its original paint job intact, and may warrant further exploration of the New Hampshire hinterlands - although this may also be an Orford one-off that predates state signage.

One more view west to Vermont from there.

NH 25A is eastbound, not southbound.

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