New Hampshire Roads - NH 175

The signs on NH 175A don't seem that old, but yet the NH 25 shield has a white outline. Contractor error? If so, it's worth repeating. These are WB.

More of the same EB.

Back onto NH 175 proper, NB.

A few photos across Campton Pond, rotating from SB (really east) around the north (dam) to NB.

A scenic outlook near Woodstock affords the opportunity for a demi-panorama, panning from south to north with I-93 blending into the trees.

Looking north along the Ottauquechee River. The abutments (western and eastern, respectively) were for a covered bridge that once served the west side of the river and connected NH 175 to Woodstock (otherwise situated on US 3 only). When I-93 came along, it had to cover part of former 175 to squeeze between the mountainside and the river, so two new bridges were built for NH 175 to continue to exist, and ended up serving the same function as the covered bridge. At some point, the old bridge disappeared - hopefully not because of I-93 - but at least a connection wasn't cut.

Right before ending at US 3, NH 175 NB crosses the Ottauquechee a third time, obviously originally the only crossing. At least this one is worth photographing.

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