New Hampshire Roads - NH 120/US 4

NH 120 and 120/US 4

NH 120 NB and US 4 EB along the east side of Colburn Park in downtown Lebanon. US 4 EB gets dropped off at the typical late 80s (in this case, 1986) NHDOT signage and picked up in the second photo at Campbell St. LGS's from that era in this state lack the word "Interstate" (and any sense of dignified shield design).

A driveway exit on the west side of Colburn Park. I'd say this should be a "One Way" sign, but not if it replaces this old model.

NH 120 NB is facing due south on the west side of Colburn Park, but quickly turns north again on Hanover St. while US 4 turns left onto Mascoma St. Button copy and square shields predating the Man in the Mountain are both very hard to come by in this state.

NH 120 SB and US 4 EB heading into central Lebanon. NH 10 hasn't come this way in years, now using I-89 around the town, and yet it has the newest shield. US 4, for whatever reason, is not along for that same ride.

The first SB assembly, top and bottom, leaving NH 10 in Hanover. NH 120 SB actually begins along NH 10 thanks to a reroute of 10 around Dartmouth.

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