New Hampshire Roads - NH 119

NH 119

WB across the first half of the Connecticut River, onto an island still squarely in New Hampshire, and looking south toward a parallel railroad bridge in the distance. It's odd to post two clearance signs - even though the truss shape does dip at the sides, I've never seen it on a similar bridge, and tall vehicles ought to know to stay toward the center. (But who uses intelligence nowadays, anyway?)

This second bridge completes the crossing and enters Vermont on the far side. The entirety of VT 119 is visible up to the traffic light, one of the shortest state routes in Vermont or anywhere - though VT 26 is still shorter at less than 70 feet!

WB from an old factory on the south shore of the Ashuelot River into Hinsdale.

A couple of EB sign faces leaving Hinsdale.

WB up to the Ashuelot Bridge in western Winchester and then southward across it.

Looking west and east from the bridge along the Ashuelot River.

Turning around at a former railroad station, and then back northward across the river past an unusual yield sign. It should be a standard sign with "TO ONCOMING TRAFFIC" in a separate plaque.

You can also take a drive across the bridge by clicking here.

Richmond St. EB in Winchester, crossing NH 10 at the signal and picking up NH 119 at that point (from the south on 10).

Facing west at the same spot from NH 119.

This NH 119 shield comes up quickly upon entering the state. Better a blurry photo than none if the sign should disappear.

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