New Hampshire Roads - NH 111

WB at Bridge St. It should be signed as NH 101A, which begins here. I get the feeling, though, that NH 101A was designated or at least extended through Nashua after most of these signs were created. The button copy is actually on LGS, not BGS - the difference is in the skinny, non-reflective border and the single-panel sign construction. (And, of course, an LGS is Little while a BGS is Big.)

EB ground signage at Central St. and NH 3-A, which is where NH 102 begins. Obviously, above you saw that NH 102 was signed as entering Nashua, but that's on button copy, so I assume it was since truncated. It probably ended at US 3 when 3 was on Concord St., but it really should end where it first splits from NH 3-A. The square shields are the only standard before NH added the Man in the Mountain. Given how many more square shields there are on green signs than independently mounted, I wonder if the standard for guide signs remained to use the square after the Man in the Mountain first appeared.

Aerial button copy to complement the signs below. These share a gantry similar to the WB Bridge St. signs.

Old shield leaving NH 111.

Overpass reconstruction for I-93 NB at the NH 111 interchange. In the second photo, you can see a wire strung above the girder, to which construction workers clip so they don't fall through the beams as they work their way along. The last two photos look north at the new abutment and south along the NB offramp.

NH 27 and NH 111/27

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