New Hampshire Roads - NH 108/9

First photo: Party foul - desecrating an old shield by sharing bolts. Second photo: NH 9 is an east-west route, but signage never agrees on the triplex; courtesy Doug Kerr.

I am on both routes, so I am junctioning neither. NH 108 SB/NH 107 WB.

NH 150 NB and turning right across the Exeter River.

EB over the Squamscott River with NH 27 and NH 111.

Looking south along the river.

Another party foul - putting everything on the same sign blank - at the eastern NH 27 junction.

This one's so obvious I don't need to call it out, courtesy Cullen Wassell.

SB past an old factory into Newmarket. The old house is on the left where NH 152 begins to the right.

An old shield on what seems to be a newer LGS otherwise, SB.

St. Joseph Church.

City Hall, on NH 4/9/108 in Dover. NH 4 ends where NH 9 and 108 split to the south.

Here are some more of those old NH 4 and 9 shields, SB entering Dover. The second shield photo is at Washington St. where NH 4/9/108 get on and off the one-way loop around downtown on Central Ave.

On the outskirts of Dover, before NH 4 joins NH 9/108.

Onto NH 9 alone

Onto NH 16
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