New Hampshire Roads - NH 1-A

NH 1-A

Old stuff SB through Seabrook to what appears to be a border plough (as opposed to a plow, which isn't spelled as coolly). Blind street? Hell, blind sign at this point. (And blind manufacturers, if you look closely at the spelling on the bottom sign.) Blind is the eye that Massachusetts turns to its counties - Essex County has no meaning whatsoever besides being a defined area.

SB across the Hampton River, with a good amount of Hampton Beach traffic coming north from Massachusetts (even in the mid-afternoon), and looking west at Hampton Harbor.

SB through Hampton Beach, following the East Coast Greenway bicycle trail. You saw from the northbound direction why NH 1-A being a one-lane bridge could be a problem for traffic, although it's a permanent condition so the sign should be green, not orange. US 1A does not have that problem because it does not exist.

SB views of the northern New Hampshire coastline, not that it's really long enough to divide into south and north.

Don't know if you've noticed, but all of my photos thus far have been SB. Well, here's one more at the beginning of the other US 1 spur route.

A cool wooden bridge on NH 1A, gone now, courtesy Cullen Wassell.

Typical NH historical sign, and the end of NH 1-A at US 1 in Portsmouth. The reason we have signs is so that shields like this don't happen. Very wrong shields, at that. RT-1 N is to the right, not the left, and RT-1A ends here. I can't tell whether that's a covered arrow or a green arrow, but neither one surprises me.

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