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Misc. photos

Not even the oldest thing on this page - I'd pick one of the bridges below. Plymouth is at the junction of US 3 and NH 25, but without knowing the context of where this wooden sign may have ever hung, I can't commit it to a page.

Definitely not on a route, Glen Rd. EB in West Lebanon under a railroad that's been abandoned and removed. May as well leave the stonework.

SB from US 3 to West Rd., where I cut back to 3 again.

And another old shield.

Along NH 78 SB just north of Massachusetts.

Pepperell Rd. is NH 130, and this original street sign is at Cross Rd. in Brookline.

NH 150 NB in Kensington and NH 152 WB leaving NH 108 in Newmarket.

The next set of bridge photos are courtesy Lou Corsaro, with some information/reassurance from Cullen Wassell.

This was the old road through Franconia Notch.

More views of the Notch bridge, which has a nice view of Mt. Lafayette.

This is the current Franconia Notch Parkway, I-93/US 3, from the old bridge.

Covered Bridge #2, Conway, on old NH 16.

#3, from the inside, in Jackson, just off NH 16.

All remaining photos are courtesy Doug Kerr.

Cool old signage, cool old bridge.

Speaking of '60's-style...

Poor NH 63, wishes it were in Massachusetts so badly it sprouts an MA trailblazer.

Border marker from the days of carriages.

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