New Hampshire Roads - Manchester Airport Conn.

Manchester Airport Connector

Passing under the future connector on US 3 NB, which will end up as a four-lane divided roadway through this interchange.

Two more views of the future overpass abutments.

Looking south along future US 3 SB.

The views north and south from on top of the connector. One of the unusually long beams that will span the entire widened US 3 sits in the future median.

Eastward views along the connector and the Merrimack River bridge that is already in place, starting on the south side and ending on the north side.

Looking west at the future Everett Tpk. interchange, particularly the SB exit/entrance. With a mainline toll plaza right there, NHDOT curiously decided to design the interchange such that the SB onramp bypasses the outside of the toll plaza instead of going through the toll. (There is no SB offramp toll.) More curiously, the NB ramps were designed to completely avoid the toll plaza area, which is more expensive than just bringing the NB onramp into the right side of the toll plaza. My guess is that NH sees greater profit to be had by making travel easier to the airport, although I don't think a simple toll plaza would be enough to deter prospective travelers who will save dozens of dollars on airfare. What I happen to see is an easy shunpike by exiting to US 3 and U-turning to get right back on the freeway.

Two overpasses, one where the NB offramp passes over the SB ramp to US 3, and the other where the NB onramp passes under the toll plaza service road.

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