New Hampshire Roads - I-293/NH 3-A

At top, an old green sign showing I-293 with the Everett Turnpike and a new green sign adding a concurrency to the mix. There had been old signs for the 293/NH 3-A/Everett multiplex, but all in both directions have since been replaced. Just above and to the left, you have a squished shield in a milepost. The point of a milepost is to show the miles, but they're dwarfed by the rest of the unnecessary message.

All remaining photos are southbound.

NH has a strange half-square half-rounded BGS outline. This sign is somewhat old, but new enough to have the added kilometric measurement - not bad for the most conservative state in the Northeast.

The tolled Everett Turnpike ("A TOLL ROAD", not just "TOLL" like New Jersey might sign it) continues southward, and now I-293 curves eastward (it may start out going right, but trust me, it curves back), multiplexing with NH 101.

New Hampshire doesn't assign exit numbers to freeway-freeway junctions. We're about to hit the multiplex, where the following happens:

U-turn? (Do U really?) Actually, this loop puts traffic onto the Everett Turnpike NB right before it merges into I-293 NB. So, why bother having it? NH 101/Everett Tpk./I-293 is a four-cornered intersection that has sufficiently messed-up ramps where I-293 SB merges with NH 101 EB before 101 EB's exit for I-293 NB leaves it. So, these signs aren't meant for I-293 SB travelers, though a somewhat quick lane change (500 feet or so) could let you double back toward Manchester.

Exit 4 to NH 3-A alone

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Everett Tpk. (I-293) on Steve Anderson's
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