New Hampshire Roads - Bump Bridge

Bump (Covered) Bridge

The Bump Bridge was built in Campton, NH in 1877.

Actually, no, it was built in 1972. The 95-year discrepancy comes because the first (EB) plaque celebrates the original covered bridge (Webber Bridge) built on this site, while the second (WB) is for the modern bridge constructed in its place because the original was too deteriorated to be salvaged. So why would I put a modern bridge on my site?

Because it brings something unique to the table. The entire family has signed in at the eastern end of the bridge, which just makes me smile. This is the way covered bridges should be - in fact, the cost was just $2,500 thanks to an agreement with the Campton selectmen. Isn't it nice when everyone works together?

A short but scenic bridge.

Looking north along the Beebe River.

A different angle, WB.

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