Nebraska Roads - US 6

US 6

All photos are westbound.

The companion to this Prairie Home is a county road. But let's not say which one, so that no one can follow it. Does it really matter what road one follows to get there? I know county roads tend to be improved more often than town roads, but Iowa would sign the best way to get there regardless of pavement.

Link routes are numbered by the county, alphabetically, and the lettering seems to be rather arbitrary. However, spur routes are also numbered the same way with no overlap, which fills in some gaps. Lancaster is the 55th county and has a 55K, 55W, and this 55X - but also Spur routes 55A through H, 55J, and 55M. Assuming no I or O due to confusion with 1 and 0, it's plausible that 55L died at some point - but what happened to 55N through 55V? Oh, yeah, you can't junction the route you're on, but I give a partial exception here because it's really showing how the upcoming junction is laid out.

Still in Lincoln from the previous photo, all sorts of railroads criss-cross to the south of US 6.

Into Iowa on US 6
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