Nebraska Roads - I-80


It feeeeeels gooooooood....... soooooooo goooooooooooooooood........... You know, if it feels that good, it must be courtesy Chris Pangilinan. That was on I-80 EB years ago, and probably still today.

EB in Lincoln, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

I-180 NB ends along US 34 at the same interchange. Apparently, when an Interstate ends in Nebraska, it gets the exit number of the parent so that you can be confused. I'll also point out the font that's wide enough for button copy, but plastered flat on the signs.

US 34 EB as I-180 SB begins. I can have a problem with the exit number and still appreciate the button copy.

Poor signs all around, I-80 EB at I-480/US 75 and those routes SB at I-80 as I-480 ends. Again, the exit number on I-480 is magically equal to that on I-80 instead of being "0."

Older WB signs. I guess Nebraska just never thought about standards that the rest of the country might be using, and just put up signs that sort of got the job done. I'll use this caption to point to the old lighting supports below the signs, painted green to blend in and not removed when new retroreflective signs were installed to replace the older button copy.

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