Nebraska Roads - I-680


I-680 NB/EB (the direction changes when the road curves around Exit 6), starting at an extra-wide shield and running through button copy and non-reflective background signage up to the last exit in Nebraska.

A similar WB/SB run, ending at what should be Exit 0, except Nebraska always signs 3-digit Interstate ends by the exit number on the intersecting parent route (I-180, I-480, I-680). At least in this direction, Exit 13 should be signed for US 75 South, which is just a left turn off the exit ramp and going straight for a block. Note the missing wagon from the bottom of the first NE 133 shield (presumably a replacement for the original).

I-80 isn't the only way into Nebraska to inform you about the good life. Bask in the good life being enjoyed by these truss bridges. The EB one (second photo) is the original 1952 Mormon Bridge, named for the trail that went this way and of course predating the freeway.

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