North Dakota Roads - US 85

US 85

Entering the state NB in 1979, courtesy Michael Summa.

Entering Alexander NB in 2013, courtesy myself. I'm not sure the ND 200 shield is shaped quite right in a few areas, but I'm not looking a gift 2-digit shield in the literal mouth.

Entering Alexander SB, but not on current US 85. In fact, old US 85 follows Business US 85 east of here. This is ancient, original US 85, Falon St. SB turning into dirt as it approaches the city limit.

Inside Alexander, the Lewis & Clark Museum gets giant versions of the roadway trailblazers to point to it.

Older shields west of Williston.

US 85 still shared the ride with US 2 around Williston in 2013, dirtied by the volume of trucks serving the area's oilfields. The ND 1804 shield shows the excess to which the "headdress shield" could be stretched, with 1804 and 1806 the two four-digit routes following the Missouri River in ND (and SD) and commemorating the Lewis and Clark expedition. The left turn that was here south of 11th St. in 2013 is now gone. ND 1804 used to have a directional merge to/from the west on US 2/85, and this turn served as the connector to/from the north (the main highways turn here to bypass the city). Now, the old merge has been converted into a T intersection, and the connector has been ripped out. I don't get it either. For that matter, US 85 is now gone from here, with a new bypass west of Williston, although US 2 remains on the older (inner) bypass.

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