North Dakota Roads - US 83

US 83

As long as US 83 is near the Missouri River, ND 1804 will be near US 83. The first photo heads south from Merida after a long concurrency between those routes, and the second photo is on ND 1804 SB north of Bismarck where they rejoin.

NB at the northern ND 1804 junction I featured above (i.e. starting a concurrency), then adding ND 200 WB for the ride past the old distance sign. (Is it old? The ND 37 shield font suggests otherwise.)

These NB signs must be pretty old to feature black shield backgrounds. "BY PASS" is a greenout over something, but with US 83 going straight through Minot, I can't figure out what. ("NORTH" is not a greenout, or else I might have implicated a business route.)

The SB signs are slightly newer. Maybe "BY PASS" is a greenout because the US 83 shield was added sometime after the bypass was built around 1979. That's all I've got.

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