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US 2

All but one set of photos were taken westbound.

From the state line in the middle of the 1963 Kennedy Memorial Bridge to downtown Grand Forks at Business US 81. Not regular US 81, which is on I-29, but wasn't when the gas sign was put up.

A pair of Grand Forks county routes: CR B3 at an interchange in Emerado, and an unusual concurrency. CR 2 runs north-south and briefly joins US 2 near Arvilla, so this assembly should read SOUTH CR 2.

Traces of old US 2: a railroad bridge still used for WB traffic, and South St. in Michigan, ND.

Floodwaters in northeastern ND were high in 2013, and the water table's been rising for years.

Another old alignment of US 2 in Knox.

More water, another abandoned building, both unrelated to flooding. Horseshoe Lake belongs there.

Looking east and west along 4th Ave. on the east side of Surrey. US 2 used to cross straight over the railroad in the 1st photo and continue onto what's now Ward CR 12 in the 2nd photo. The anhydrous ordinance isn't just dry language, it's a law against transporting flammable and poisonous pressurized ammonia through town.

The lone set of eastbound photos, south of Minot.

Sights from Minot into Williams County.

US 2 bypasses Williston to the west by hitching a ride. A new northwestern bypass of Williston opened in 2015, taking US 85 off this road. ND 1804 joins US 2 west of town; "To ND 1804" is a former connector road that was removed after 2013 when the old west-facing directional intersection between US 2/85 and ND 1804 was converted to a T intersection. Therefore, both of these photos are historic.

I don't have a great handle on what the hazard was here, since it appears to be gone now. I note that 18' is well higher than anything that typically requires a warning, including the traffic signals along US 2 that a truck would hit before getting here.

Another old alignment, just before Montana. Let's drive on it!

The eastern leg is well preserved but undriveable. The western leg peters out into a field.

Business US 2, Grand Forks

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