North Dakota Roads - I-94

The photo above is in my personal sign collection. The next 3 photos are westbound in 1979 courtesy Michael Summa.

Unidentifiable exit with an old-pattern sign.

So all that time, they were singing about North Dakota! Funny, I wouldn't wax poetic about a state so inferior that its biggest city (Fargo) feels the need to include the city on the other side (Moorhead, MN, making it Fargo-Moorhead), while Moorhead doesn't call itself Moorhead-Fargo.

Put this and the last sign together, and it's clear town platters up here had fun with their jobs.

Back to the current era, old US 10 WB in New Salem and then turned up old ND 31 to where it becomes current ND 31. In 1979, those highways still existed.

In their haste to switch to Clearview, NDDOT inadvertently updated their state highway shield from a native head to a fuzzy cloud. This is WB.

EB approaching Valley City, where the alignment of old US 10 is very apparent as I-94 swings south around the city and Business I-94 heads downtown. Both directions of Bus. I-94 are on the former WB side, while the EB carriageway is now a frontage.

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Business I-94, Bismarck
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