North Dakota Roads - Bus. I-94 Valley City

Business I-94, Valley City

The first EB sign I come to wants me to head back west? To be fair, this is also helping CR 19 NB traffic get sorted.

If I turned west, I'd see the end of the old US 10 EB roadway, while the US 10 WB lanes remain the I-94 WB onramp.

Looking east, US 10 EB is now a frontage road for Business I-94, which is squished onto the WB side. Despite what the warning sign suggests, no matter which way you turn it, the road gets neither wider nor narrower after this point.

A different hydrant than the one you may have spotted above. Now see what occasioned me to get so close:

Ah, the 1911 City Park footbridge.

I found this nearby pipe opening into the Sheyenne River interesting. That's not a canal.

Enjoy the park, then head back north. The Elks Building on the right surprisingly only dates to 1951.

Heading east to the end of the route, don't get too interested in the Rainbow Bridge because it's just a 2004 replica of the narrower 1926 original.

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